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A plugin is a part of software containing a bunch of functions that can be added to a WordPress website. They can extend functionality or put new features within your WordPress websites. It convenient for users without knowing a single line of code because WordPress plugins are written in the PHP programming language. Here is plug-in specs and features of Mountee that will give you easiness on your website.

Name: Mountee
Author: hopstudios
Last update: 2017-01-20T08:21:52Z
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Mountee allows access to WordPress theme files as Mac Finder files, so you can work efficiently in your favorite coding app to edit (or add new files) on the fly instead of using FTP.

Use Your Favorite Tools

Everyone has their favorite Mac coding application, so why be limited to editing your theme files inside the WordPress browser window, or downloading and uploading over and over using FTP?

Work With Files & Folders

Mountee allows you to access your theme files as Finder files, so you can work uninterrupted in your favorite app. Open, edit, and save—Mountee takes care of uploading for you, saving you time and creating efficiency.

Kickstart New Projects

Creating a new theme file is as easy as creating a new file or folder. Develop your own set of re-usable templates, then simply drag them into your Mountee drive to kick-start new projects.

Who Needs Mountee

Mountee is a tool intended to make the work of web developers who code WordPress sites easier and more effective. It’s ideal for developers who maintain many different sites, and who start new sites frequently. Although it’s very easy to use, it’s intended for advanced WordPress developers and designers who work directly with code.

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