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A plugin is a part of software containing a bunch of functions that could be added to your WordPress website. They can extend functionality or add new features within your WordPress websites. It easy for users without understanding a single line of code because WordPress plugins are written in the PHP programming language. There is plug-in specifications and features of Opt-In Content Locker – Layered Popups Add-On that will give you simplicity on your website.

Name: Opt-In Content Locker – Layered Popups Add-On
Author: halfdata
Last update: 2017-05-05T13:46:15Z
Rating: 4.73
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Opt-In Content Locker is an add-on for Layered Popups for WordPress plugin that allows you to hide important content using any inline popup, and display it to subscribers only. You can use any popup as opt-in locker form. All you need to do is to wrap protected content with shortcodes [ulplocker id="POPUP_ID"]...[/ulplocker]. If people want to view this content they must submit their contact details. After submission all hidden content become visible. Very simple workflow. Opt-In Content Locker is a perfect way to extend functionality of your website.

The content is hidden by JavaScript, so it’s still visible and indexed by search engines.


  • Hide important content: don’t display important content until user submitted name/e-mail.
  • Unlimited number of inline opt-in forms: create as many inline opt-in forms as you wish.
  • Design your own opt-in forms: flexible and intuitive form constructor.
  • Multiple layers: each opt-in form can contain any number of layers.
  • Subscribe with Facebook: YES! Now you can allow your visitors to subscribe with their Facebook account.
  • Subscribe with Google: YES! Now you can allow your visitors to subscribe with their Google account.
  • Google/Universal Analytics event tracker supported: track “show” and “subscribe” events.
  • KISSmetrics tracking supported: identify the current person with a e-mail address submitted through opt-in form.
  • Welcome E-mail option: subscribers may receive Welcome E-mail after successful subscription.
  • 600+ Google Fonts: use any of 600+ webfonts.
  • Email marketing providers supported: over 50 marketing providers supported.
  • Re-submit popup details: you can re-submit popup details to 3rd party HTML-form.
  • Extended e-mail address validation: check MX records according to the host provided within the email address.
  • Export/import feature: you can easily export popup settings from one website and import to another website.
  • Remember subscribed visitors: plugin set cookie on user machine to avoid repeated locking for subscribers.
  • CSV Export: list of subscribers can be exported as CSV-file to be used with any newsletter systems.
  • Responsive design: it looks nice on small screen devices.
  • Shortcodes supported (experimental): add WP shortcodes into layer content.
  • Font Awesome supported: use any Font Awesome icon on submit buttons.
  • Minified CSS and JS: turn on/off using minified JS and CSS files.
  • Automatic Plugins Update: you don’t need to do it manually anymore.
  • Popups Library: access to remote popups library.
  • Shortcode driven: wrap protected content with shortcodes [ulplocker id="POPUP_ID"]...[/ulplocker].
  • Caching plugins friendly: plugin uses JavaScript to hide the content.
  • Search Engine friendly: the hidden content is visible for search engines.
  • Easy to install: install and activate the plugin as any other plugins.
  • WordPress Best Practices: no any alerts from Plugin Check and WP_DEBUG.

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