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A plugin is a piece of software containing a bunch of functions that can be added to your WordPress website. They can extend functionality or even add new features to your WordPress websites. It convenient for users without knowing a single line of code because WordPress plugins are written in the PHP programming language. Here is plug-in specs and features of Pixel Animation – WP that will give you simplicity on your website.

Name: Pixel Animation – WP
Author: csgraduate
Last update: 2016-11-03T12:26:51Z
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Pixel animation is a WordPress plugin which can animate any image on a post, page or a widget. It comes with a widget and a shortcode. It disintegrates the specified image into pixels and then animates them as per user’s mouse interaction. There are various options that can be specified as mentioned in the documentation here.

This plugin is great for drawing attention,
demonstrating and

Non WordPress i.e. standalone version available here


  • Great attention grabber.
  • No need to create animated gifs or flash. Simply upload an image and it will be animated.
  • Fast animation.
  • Animation interacts with viewer’s mouse movement.
  • Auto stop once the animation completes.
  • Animation automatically pauses when the page is not visible. For ex, when you select a different tab or minimize it..
  • Easy to use widget and shortcode.

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