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A plugin is a piece of software containing a group of functions that can be added to your WordPress website. They can extend functionality or even add new features to your WordPress websites. It easy for users without knowing a single line of code because WordPress plugins are created in the PHP programming language. Here is plug-in specs and features of Responsive Ticket System – WordPress Plugin that will give you simplicity on your website.

Name: Responsive Ticket System – WordPress Plugin
Author: tahadaf
Last update: 2017-04-08T16:00:18Z
Rating: 3.6
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HTML/PHP version of the Ticket System

Feel free to resize your browser window to see how responsive the ticket system is, clean and organize :)
A professional support ticket system built on the Twitter Bootstrap framework.
Responsive layout and clean design for those who like their clients to get easily in touch with them and fully satisfy them.

NEW Features

  • Multi language, easily change language of the ticket system
  • Admin Language page, you can change your Ticket system language totally! right to left languages like Arabic and Persian are also supported
  • Admin Email Template page, you can also change the email templates that ticket system sends to users and admins for different reasons
  • Forgot Password option


  • Automatic Email report
  • clean and organize tickets viewer
  • Tickets priority option
  • if users set the priority to “Very High” an email will be sent to admin
  • Tickets search
  • Smart tickets with 4 statuses: Open, Close, Pending, Replied
  • admin panel
  • add admins with different roles
  • Department/role management system
  • Block/remove each user
  • week/month Summary of how you have supported your clients
  • summary statistics
  • admins and users gravatar
  • Captcha Code
  • Mobile design, you can easily support your customers wherever you are right from your smart phone or tablet device
  • User Friendly date format
  • View all of the tickets history
  • Reopen option for all of the tickets
  • Close any ticket immediately
  • Organized tickets based on their priority and status

Basic Features

  • Browser compatible (IE is supported on users side only for now)
  • Responsive design
  • Built on Twitter Bootstrap framework
  • HTML5
  • Clean codes and clear Documentation
  • Help bubbles inside the admin panel itself

Security has been always the most important fact! Great control over admins has been taken to a consideration, Each admin can add new admins with different roles, but only the parent administrator can remove the added ones.

Administrators and users can easily view all of their tickets history and respond.

Our new ticket system just made a revolutionary way of how the tickets are organized! tickets have 4 different statuses now:

  • Open tickets, the ones that are added recently and admin didn’t reply them yet
  • Close tickets, are the ones that has been resolved and closed
  • Pending tickets, the ones that admin replied but user again asked a question and it’s still pending to be answered
  • Replied tickets, are the ones that admin answered but the ticket is still open, will be closed after a period of time

All of these systems are created to provide a much more better support system and make our clients completely satisfied, no more ticket missing or unsatisfied clients with their tickets closed!

Summary page with great chart and statistics also let us know about how we have supported our clients in a specific period of time.

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