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A plugin is a part of software containing a group of functions that could be added to your WordPress website. They can extend functionality or add new features to your WordPress websites. It easy for users without understanding a single line of code because WordPress plugins are created in the PHP programming language. There is plug-in specifications and features of Theia Smart Thumbnails for WordPress that will give you easiness on your website.

Name: Theia Smart Thumbnails for WordPress
Author: WeCodePixels
Last update: 2017-05-06T12:19:50Z
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Theia Smart Thumbnails for WordPress lets you customize the thumbnails for each of your images. Gone are the days when you had to
manually crop or upload separate versions of your thumbnails. Now you can simply choose a point of interest for your image –
e.g. a person’s face, an object, etc. – and all the thumbnails will be automatically updated to include them. Your pages will
be much more aesthetically pleasing and your visitors will thank you for it.


Sample Thumbnails


  • Gain full control over your thumbnails
  • Save time instead of manually adjusting each image
  • Effortlessly customize the cropping zone by choosing a focus point (i.e. a point of interest), such as a person’s face, an object, etc.
  • Extremely easy-to-use with an intuitive and native admin interface.
  • Works with your existing images.
  • The admin panel comes with a Live Preview to easily customize your thumbnails.
  • Preview your theme’s exact thumbnail sizes.
  • Works with virtually any WordPress theme.
  • Receive support and free upgrades.

Crop Modes


  • High-quality code complete with comments.
  • Complete documentation for installing and using the plugin.

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