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A WordPress theme modify the design of your website, often including its layout. Changing your theme changes how your site appear on the front-end. Almost all WordPress themes offer the overall design or style of your site, font styling, colors, widget locations, page layouts, styles for blog posts and blog archives, and also additional stylistic details. One of the best theme WordPress is TIGER – Social Network Theme for Companies & Professionals, let’s find out the features and specifications in this below.

Name: TIGER – Social Network Theme for Companies & Professionals
Author: uouapps
Last update: 2017-06-05T19:42:51Z
Rating: 4.4
Item sold: 213
Price: $69

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TIGER is a companies & professionals listing WordPress theme with front-end listing submit option. User can login and register create their profile, manage and publish from their front-end user page.


  • Company Profile
    • Create company profile
    • Search Company
    • GEO location Search Company
    • Bookmark
    • Connection
    • Follow
    • Multi Rating
    • Send Message
    • Add service
    • Add Image slider
  • Professional Profile
    • Create Professional profile
    • Search Professional
    • GEO location Search Professional
    • Bookmark
    • Connection
    • Follow
    • Multi Rating
    • Send Message
    • Add expertise
  • Membership Type
    • Free Account
    • One time Payment
    • Recurring Payment
    • Free Trial
    • Paid Trial
    • Variable Payment Package
  • Pricing Tables
  • Signup styles
  • My account
    • User profile edit
    • User Social Profile
    • Image gallary
    • Top banner image setting
    • User Change Password
    • Subscription upgrade
    • Subscription downgrade
    • Subscription Cancel
  • Coupon for Signup
    • Coupon By Package
    • Set Coupon limit
    • Set Coupon expire date
  • User Role creation by Package
  • User Setting option
  • Email Templates
    • User Welcome Email template
    • User Forget Password Email template
    • User Order Email template
    • Admin Order Email template
    • Contact Email template
    • Contact Email template for CC Admin [Admin Setting]
    • Subscription Reminder Email Template
    • Contact Us Auto reply Email Template
    • Contact Us admin Email Template
  • Payment History
  • Report
    • 3D Pic charts
    • Line Chart
  • User Public Profile Page Redirect:
    • Hide Admin Bar
  • User Directories
  • Contact Us form
  • And Lots of other settings..

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