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A plugin is a piece of software containing a group of functions that can be added to your WordPress website. They can extend functionality or even put new features within your WordPress websites. It easy for users without understanding a single line of code because WordPress plugins are written in the PHP programming language. There is plug-in specifications and features of TweetDis – Make Any Phrase Tweetable that will give you simplicity on your website.

Name: TweetDis – Make Any Phrase Tweetable
Author: Axisway
Last update: 2017-01-20T04:12:04Z
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TweetDis is a WordPress plugin, that will display a floating “call-to-action” above any piece of text you choose. Furthermore, with the new plugin version, you can place any bit of information into NEW TWEET-BOXES!
And once you click on the text, the plugin will automatically create a tweet out of it as well as place the other piece of text into tweet-box.
(In other words, TweetDis makes any piece of text “tweetable”)

99% of people won’t tweet anything, but the title of the post! Unless you MAKE THEM TWEET SOMETHING ELSE!
You should put “call-to-actions” in your article, if you think that a specific phrase deserves to be tweeted. Otherwise people will just pass by all your awesome ideas and quotes.

While WITHOUT TweetDis it’s really a pain to tweet a certain phrase from your article. Do you really think anyone will go through the following 7 steps?

*Google Fonts are embeeded in ready-to-use tweet box styles.

Please Note: This plugin uses shortcodes to make phrases “tweetable”. And it doesn’t interfere with your regular social buttons.

Some more features:

  • Configure how the “tweetable” phrase looks – the plugin lets you pick the color of the phrase you want people to tweet, define if it should be underlined or not and pick the style of the underline.
  • Pick from 5 different “call-to-action” designs – we have 5 designs of that floating “call-to-action” that should fit any blog design. But you can go even further and configure the colors, the size of the text and write your own call-to-action there.
  • Define the resulting tweet – you can specify a default twitter account to be used in all the tweets as well as the preposition.
  • Place text into tweet-boxes – select one of the four awesome box styles and customize it as you wish.
  • Use “call-to-action” and tweet-box at the same time! – highlight piece of text by “call-to-action” and place another phrase into tweet-box just in one article.
  • Free updates – once you purchased TweetDis plugin, you will be able to upload new plugin version for free.
  • Local and global settings – adjust general pop-up and tweet-box style or set each tweet quote via WordPress editor toolbar! Old and new functional buttons.
  • Notifications – Whether you highlight more than 140 characters or you just forget to highlight any piece of text, TweetDis lets you know this in the alert messages.
  • Custom design – select link and text color, set borders, adjust shadow options, choose low or upper case and many more using new local settings for tweet quotes.
  • Custom link – promotion option is available! Just add your own link into each tweet-box or tweet-quote. Long and short URL style is integrated.
  • “Tweetable” post/page title – create more tweet quotes to keep visitors attention to your post/page. Design post’s/page’s title as you wish!

TweetDis hints people to tweet certain phrases… and people can tweet them just in 2 clicks!

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