Download Visual Composer Add-on – Mine jQuery FlipBook File

A plugin is a part of software containing a group of functions that could be added to your WordPress website. They can extend functionality or even add new features to your WordPress websites. It easy for users without understanding a single line of code because WordPress plugins are written in the PHP programming language. Here is plug-in specs and features of Visual Composer Add-on – Mine jQuery FlipBook that will give you simplicity on your website.

Name: Visual Composer Add-on – Mine jQuery FlipBook
Author: flashmaniac
Last update: 2016-12-18T21:38:33Z
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Price: $20

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  • Flipbook is based on the library turn.js 3rd release. Library “turn.js 3rd release” is not included. You need to download it separately here.This library is free to personal use. If you need for commercial use – here you can buy license “3rd release”.Cost of License “turn.js 3rd release” is 45$ for five domains ( 9$ per domain).
  • Works on the iPad,iPhone etc. ( no Flash Player needed )
  • Support for tags in WYSIWYG editor:
    – heading – h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6
    – paragraph – p
    – link – a
    – list – ul,li
    – img and float right and left for image
  • Pages in Flipbook does not have support for all the html characters.
  • New characters html will be added with new updates.
  • Reverse flip book for the eastern countries (right to left)
  • Insert scripts in section head – only subpages where is the shortcode flipbook
  • You can disable / enable individual icons in the admin panel
  • Icon fullScreen ( only works under FF and Chrome )
  • You can change the zoom to double click the mouse
  • You can change the zoom step for zoomIn and for zoomOut
  • You can enable / disable deeplinking (string at the end of the browser’s address)
  • Responsive design
  • You can create an unlimited number of flipbooks on one theme
  • Double pages
  • Show all pages
  • Excellent tools to zoom
  • And other…

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