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A plugin is a piece of software containing a bunch of functions that could be added to a WordPress website. They can extend functionality or even put new features within your WordPress websites. It easy for users without understanding a single line of code because WordPress plugins are created in the PHP programming language. There is plug-in specifications and features of Visual Composer – Shortcode Viewer that will give you easiness on your website.

Name: Visual Composer – Shortcode Viewer
Author: wptpnet
Last update: 2017-03-20T19:45:04Z
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Visual Composer Shortcode Viewer allows you view, edit, add any shortcode/element on Visual Composer interface.

At the moment, you need to switch into Classic Mode and find the shortcode or shortcodes for individual elements or sections of content with hundreds of lines of shortcodes and all those confusing.

Disadvantage of Classic Mode:

  • You miss a tag each when cut and paste.
  • Copy from the wrong spot.
  • Select the wrong shortcodes all together.
  • You couldn’t find what you needed easily and quickly in classic mode.

Advantage of Visual Composer Shortcode Viewer:

  • Find shortcode would be easier.
  • Copy and paste would be exactly.
  • Edit / Update / Add any shortcode with JSON format easier.
  • Works fine on Back-end & Front-end
  • Do not need switch to Classic mode, allow show shortcode on VC interface

Shortcode Viewer

View Shortcode Text and Classic mode

View Shortcode Text

View / Edit / Add any Shortcode with Json

Features list:

  • View shortcode / element with JSON format.
  • View shortcode / element text same as VC and Classic mode.
  • Edit / Add any shortcode / element with JSON format.
  • Works fine on Back-end & Front-end.
  • Works fine with all 3rd party shortcodes.

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