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A plugin is a part of software containing a group of functions that can be added to your WordPress website. They can extend functionality or even add new features within your WordPress websites. It convenient for users without knowing a single line of code because WordPress plugins are created in the PHP programming language. There is plug-in specs and features of WooCommerce Embed Products that will give you simplicity on your website.

Name: WooCommerce Embed Products
Author: K-Consulting
Last update: 2017-06-13T21:29:47Z
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WooCommerce Embed Products offers an easy way to integrate products from one or more WooCommerce
shops into your website using shortcodes.

Plugin features

  • A shortcode to display a single product
  • A shortcode to display a list of products
  • Products are displayed with name, picture and price (each info can be showed or hidden)
  • Optimized with WordPress native caching feature to display pages faster and limit bandwidth usage
  • Works only with WooCommerce shops


  • English (100%)
  • Français (> 60%)


Can I display products from inside my website ?

YES, it is the purpose of this plugin.

Can I display products from several websites ?

YES, there is no limit, you can add as many WooCommerce websites as you want, but a shortcode can only fetch
products from a single website.

Can I customize the display of products ?

YES, the plugin has several filters to let you change small things or the whole template if you want, it’s very

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