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A plugin is a piece of software containing a bunch of functions that can be added to a WordPress website. They can extend functionality or put new features within your WordPress websites. It easy for users without understanding a single line of code because WordPress plugins are written in the PHP programming language. There is plug-in specs and features of WooCommerce Tax Toggle that will give you easiness on your website.

Name: WooCommerce Tax Toggle
Author: raison
Last update: 2017-06-06T23:11:19Z
Rating: 3.25
Item sold: 274
Price: $17

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This extension allows you to easily toggle between the taxed price and the untaxed price. The toggle is automatically added as a floating button on the left hand side of the site.

This extension allows the customer to select whether they want to view your WooCommerce products price including tax or excluding tax. The option chosen is saved so when the customer moves from page to page the prices are shown as per their selection.

The Toggle can also be added as Widget in a sidebar so you can control where it appears.

Cart and checkout behaviour are different from the rest of the site for a better user experience. In the Cart the tax toggle shows/hides the VAT and Total Order in the order summary. It does not toggle the individual items as this could be confusing for the customer.

In the Checkout the toggle is hidden because the Tax is displayed as per the checkout rules. EG. by what location is selected in the address.

The Tax Toggle uses the base country tax settings as per the Tax settings section. Please ensure that you have set your tax rates for the plugin to work.

Using the Widget

The Tax toggle is automatically added to the side of the page. It floats on the page side. You can disable this in the settings (outlined below).

You can also add the Tax toggle using a widget. Widgets can be added by going to Appearances > Widgets. you will find the tax toggle listed here as Tax Toggle. Drag this onto a sidebar and it will appear where you want it.

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