Download Woocommerce Zoho CRM Integration File

A plugin is a part of software containing a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website. They can extend functionality or even add new features to your WordPress websites. It easy for users without knowing a single line of code because WordPress plugins are created in the PHP programming language. There is plug-in specs and features of Woocommerce Zoho CRM Integration that will give you easiness on your website.

Name: Woocommerce Zoho CRM Integration
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Last update: 2017-05-26T19:23:44Z
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Have all your customer data synced in your system with one click

Set up hands-free mode with automatic sync and cron job sync
Do not miss any potential transactions

Highly integrate your data with Woocommerce CRM Integration

  • Sync Register customer in Woocommerce to Lead in Zoho CRM
  • Sync Orders in Woocommerce to Account or Contact in Zoho CRM
  • Sync Orders in Woocommerce to Invoices in Zoho CRM
  • Sync Products in Woocommerce to Products in Zoho CRM

Easily manage syncing items

  • Map data fields flexibly in Setting
  • View syncing history for reference
  • Find failed syncing attempts and reject duplicated items


    • Map data fields for Woocommerce Zoho CRM Connector

    • Sync data immediately from Woocommerce to Zoho CRM

    • Create Lead in Zoho CRM from register customer in Woocommerce

    • Create Account and Contact in Zoho CRM from Orders in Woocommerce

    • View a report

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